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So, this my first blog post. It’s a moving moment for me to finally arrive at ‘publishing’ this first post since the idea to start a blog was conceived a while back ago (2013 to be exact). I put the pro in procrastination but hopefully with some accountability (such as having live and breathing readers), I will be able to consistently provide content that is inspiring, educational, uplifting, thought provoking or at least amusing. At the least, may you be amused.

In my about me I summarized a little bit about who I am and what I do. My work is rewarding and I am grateful to be able to enjoy what I do and provide services to individuals whom I regard as extremely courageous. I hope the content of this blog is relevant to you, regardless of your own “therapy experience”. This blog is not a substitute to therapy nor should anything I write be interpreted as “professional advice”. In addition to meeting certain standards set forth by my profession and the state of Florida Mental Health Counseling Board, my professional license comes with the weighty responsibility of taking certain statements and situations very seriously. Please read my disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Some things to know about this blog

Despite the above disclaimer, therapy-ish jargon, this blog will NOT delve deep into mental health, private practice or therapy related issues (I think). This blog WILL offer info relevant to personal growth or self-mastery. My intention is to share information that may be helpful, based on theory, modern texts, popular trends, or from my own personal or professional anecdotal experiences.

Sometimes in practice or in “real life”, I am taken aback by how certain info that is known to me is not known to others. Perhaps I will never be able to hold a conversation on renaissance architecture, or use mental math to calculate tips, or bake something from scratch, or ever get to a new location without GPS, but I sure can share some psychological and/or self-improvement stuff that may be useful to your personal journey, relationships and/or life.


We all have our unique talents, interests or strengths. I’ve been fascinated by personal development, behavior, psychology and human potential topics since I first got my hands on an older cousin’s YM magazine during elementary school (if you remember YM magazine, I’m smiling with you -‘cause you know how long ago that is) -and the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, that was relevant too. Anyway, this blog serves to discuss info on a fascinating topic: Relationships (to your work/loved ones/money /community/body etc). Of course, the most important relationship, the relationship you have with your Self, will be the main focus. Here and there, you might also find reflections on another relationship, that is, the one you have with this ever changing, at-times-chaotic, yet beautiful experience that is Life.

Do you enjoy reading stuff related to your personal development and self understanding? Do you seek to improve your relationships but don’t really have the desire to submit to therapy? Are you a psychology nerd? Maybe this blog will interest you.

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