Mindfulness: Conditioning for the stressed-out brain.

In recent years there has been increasing discussion revolving mindfulness. Current google search results for 'mindfulness' total in the millions. Across various disciplines: health care, medicine, business, neuroscience, organizational psychology, law and more, the positive effects of mindfulness have been researched and documented, which further boosts its popularity. When science + medicine support and lead something, people (and other industries)...[ read more ]

Stirred up by Irma: 4 Insights from the Storm

Hurricane Irma stirred up more than just warm Atlantic sea water. Intense emotions continue to whirl around Miami. Just a few days ago it was utter horror, panic and angst thinking about the catastrophe a Category 5 hurricane hit would be for South Florida. This week, emotions are more diverse; frustration and annoyance with power outages, compassion for less fortunate...[ read more ]

From Brickell to Gables and in between…

Hello from the office spot in Coral Gables where I will continue to provide therapeutic counseling to old and new clients. I will miss the glimpses of Brickell bay from the former Brickell office but I've always loved the wispy greenery feel of Coral Gables so overall its a pleasant change. I am grateful to have found this space and...[ read more ]

Set a new year goal, but first, what do you believe?

‘Tis that time of year when people begin to reflect on the year that will soon pass or think about their plans for the new year. Even if someone does not believe in making New Year’s resolutions, many will find that the end of the year is an opportunity to project some ideas or goals onto the new year. There’s...[ read more ]

The uncomfortable inconvenience of change

Some changes ought to come with disclaimer notices warning of its nuisances. Change that contributes to growth or progress is typically a worthy sacrifice -especially in hindsight. The process of change... that's a whole different story. We deal with change in our own unique way. When you reflect on nature, you'll notice that the only constant is change. It is...[ read more ]

Self-care as your personal compass

You know how during airplane travel the flight attendant instructs us to “place your own oxygen mask before assisting others”, in case of any emergency? That little airplane safety spiel holds a gem of life wisdom as it reminds us that before you can take care of others (or handle crisis) you first have to make sure YOU are getting...[ read more ]

Your biggest project will be You

So, this my first blog post. It’s a moving moment for me to finally arrive at ‘publishing’ this first post since the idea to start a blog was conceived a while back ago (2013 to be exact). I put the pro in procrastination but hopefully with some accountability (such as having live and breathing readers), I will be able to...[ read more ]

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